Our About Page shows you a glimpse of what House + Town is all about. Laura and Michael Umansky are carrying on the torch carried by Ernest Jaster and then by Gayle Greenwood and her husband, John. But what does this all mean for the world of Houston custom furniture and upholstery? More importantly, what does it mean for that well-loved armchair you’ve been meaning to have re-upholstered?

There has been an increase in the mentality of “Buy Local” thanks, in part, to the activism of local businesses. Maintaining relationships with artisans, craftsmen, and other professionals is an important aspect of any business. That goes double for the business of custom furniture and upholstery. As Laura found out working as an interior designer, crafting relationships with local artisans is nearly as important as client relations. With this in mind, House + Town aims to produce boutique experiences for clients looking for custom furniture or upholstery work in Houston.