At House + Town, it’s our mission to provide our customers with the best custom upholstery service in town, period. We’re dedicated to finding the highest quality materials from local artisans to produce the kinds of pieces’ folks aren’t going to find anywhere else. They have a story, and the potential to live a long and happy life no matter where our customers may roam. To us, the most important part of an upholstery project is bringing the designer’s vision to life and creating furnishings that reflect our clients’ creative spirits.

If you’re not entirely familiar with what goes into the upholstery process and you’re wondering whether or not you should invest, you’ve come to the right place.

Upholstering Existing Pieces: The first thing we do with items we are upholstering at H + T is to inspect the quality and condition of the piece. We speak with the client about what they want to achieve and they choose their favorite fabric for us to use. Then, our artisans decide on how we can make it even more comfortable and give it longevity. This process may take some time, but we’re not really into rushing things around here (unless our client is under a mean deadline). What’s most important is that we create something our client loves and that we can be proud of.

New Upholstered Pieces: A new piece of furniture is an investment in your comfort, your health, and your aesthetics. No one wants to look at it a few weeks after it arrives and wonder if they made the right decision. We ask ourselves four questions (and recommend you do too) before deciding on upholstery:

Where did our materials come from? Buying local isn’t just trendy, it really does mean that you get a better product. The journey that handmade furniture goes on when it’s made by a local artisan is a special one and means you’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind piece that stands the test of time. We recommend always knowing where the upholstery you choose comes from. Understanding the story will mean you forge a deeper connection with the craftsmen who made it and the furniture itself.

What do our materials feel like? We believe the best way for us to decide whether or not an upholstery is right is by getting up close and personal. Sit on it, touch it, visualize seeing and living with it every day. We invite our clients along on the manufacturing process and encourage them to visit their piece as frequently as they would like, while it is being produced.

Is it durable? We use materials that hold up to your type of usage. Is your piece for a commercial or a residential project? This matters in manufacturing and understanding how the material will age. We’ve been around for 40 years and, in that time, we have tested out different materials and methods of production. We know what lasts.

How will you use it? Model or clubhouse, check. Restaurant, check and check. Residence, yep. We can cover any project you bring to us.

By the way, we’ve all been in a house that has the sofa you know you aren’t supposed to sit on. Today, there are so many options for upholstery that are comfortable, stylish and durable. If you fancy an old fashioned every now and then (and who doesn’t, am I right?) just know we also offer fabric protection as an added service. If you need your fabric to be double extra protected, we can do that too. Just ask.    

Now that you know how we work, make sure to scroll down to see some of our recent upholstered pieces in “action”.

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Until next time fellow creators.

  • The H&T Team