Fabian M Segura

Fabian M Segura

At the helm of House + Town today is Fabian. He began his career in the finance department for a growing multi-family property management company, Asken Properties, LLC in Lubbock, TX. During a period of rapid expansion and development in the firm, he took charge of ensuring each property had standards and practices that created a better workflow, efficiency, and profitability. By the end of his time there, he had been promoted to Director of Finances, responsible for overseeing over $12MM in assets. Upon moving back to his hometown of Houston, he was hired on at one of Houston's premier interior design firms, Laura U, INC. Hired as the Operations Manager, Fabian continued to help streamline the firm’s operations as the firm continued to grow. He was subsequently promoted to Director of Operations for several of the Laura U, INC. owned business ventures, including Studio U, LLC and House + Town, INC. in its early stages. Now as the owner of H+T, he intends on focusing on the client experience from start to finish.

Artisans & Staff

Master Upholsterer
30+ Years

Office Asst.
10+ Years


Master Upholsterer
37+ Years

20+ Years


Master Seamstress
22+ Years

Master Seamstress
28+ Years


Master Carpenter
30+ Years

Carpenter Asst.
16+ Years