Our mission is to provide the best custom furniture + upholstery service in Houston, period.


The local company Custom Designs & Upholstery came to life in 1976 thanks to a beloved Houston business man, Ernest Jaster. Ernest passed on after operating a successful custom furniture and upholstery company for 20 years. The company then transitioned to Houston interior designer Gayle Greenwood and her husband John in 2004. Having worked with Earnest for years to create gorgeous furnishings for Gayle’s clients, both Gayle and John had gotten to know and love his team. With their help, a new company emerged called Custom Designs by Greenerobin. The business grew for 10 more years until John Greenwood passed on in 2016.

Laura Umansky, another Houston interior designer, trusted Custom Designs with her client’s upholstery needs since she started her design firm in 2006. Not only did she want this Houston custom furniture and upholstery company to continue, Laura knew many of the artisans who crafted the beautiful custom pieces. In effort to help the company and the craftsmen flourish, she and her husband, Michael, acquired the company in 2016.

During this process at Laura U, INC., Fabian was given the task of supporting the new business venture of House + Town alongside a sales and production team. However, after six years under Michael and Laura's mentor-ship and employ, House + Town was sold to their very own former employee - Fabian, in the summer of 2018. 

This means forging stronger bonds with our artisans, as well as cultivating current relationships with the architectural and design community that has supported the work of Custom Designs for over 40 years. In the tradition of new ownership, Custom Designs was renamed House + Town and Fabian has elected to maintain the new name. Our goal is to connect clients in search of the perfect custom furniture with the local or regional artisans who consistently craft one-of-a-kind pieces. Let House + Town help reflect yourself, and your city, in your own home.